Saturday, February 3, 2007

Grande Opening

This blog is going to be a place for my alien designs and discussions they generate. It will also feature the designs of others, but more on that later.

This alien species is called the Emesii [contraction: MSI], and a group of them wish to set up a joint colony with humans. To determine how well they are likely to get along human and MSI scientists are conducting experiments on members of their respective species to build up a massive database of interactions to help develop social systems for their joint colony. Here two babies are linked to complex computers which both record and modify their thoughts and behaviors to discover more about socializing at early stages of development.


Rincewind said...

I saw your work on deviantart and found your blog. This pic of the babys made me want to comment even though I'm in the middle of work and dont have time for a large rant on this subject.
If humans and MSI both agree to have theys babies "linked to complex computers which both record and MODIFY their thoughts and behaviors" then, the expirience is mute.They agreed to make a kind of agressive testing on theyr most sacred of sacreds. If they can do that, theys ready to do anything together.

Alex said...

Thanks for the crit, its a good one.

I was thinking however that these experiments were part of forming a large database of behaviors and responses between individuals, not to feel more safe together but to act as a guide to formulate social policy.

Also, it is worth noting that although researchers and certain governments may be happy to conduct such experiments, many members of the general populace might not, because of course people aren't uniform. Large scale protests would have been held by certain of the respective species populations.

Noting the public descent, this database on interactions may help governing powers later if social order begins to deteriorate in the colony after this perhaps unusually tolerant generation has passed away.

Just thoughts; once again I love talking about these things so thanks for a solid criticism.

EdXCal said...

Hi, I've gotta say as above I saw your art on Deviantart and I'm just stunned! Your artwork is fantastic and the science you put into is mindblowing. I too have a love for both and so the moment I saw all this, I was hooked! lol
Now this one I'd have to say, if I was that human baby, I'd be scared. And that MSI baby might be just as scared of the human child!
Other then that, I think it's a very interesting concept.

FraudWasteAbuse said...

Hey, I really like your art. It's hard to find well-drawn "fantastic" aliens. I also like how you provide background info on what your art depicts.

Keep up the good work.