Monday, February 6, 2012

Birrin Study

The Birrin are a sentient hexapod species from a planet approximately the size of Venus. This individual resides in the tropical region of their world, bordering the uninhabitably hot equatorial zone many birrin call the 'Kiln'. Low employment, high temperatures and generally harsh conditions mean that narcotic use is high among many of the population here.

This birrin, after ending a work cycle and with no further hive duties, uses and deals in most of the local low end narcotics. The three clasped in the beak offer an enjoyable combination of flavours when partaken together. Other mixes are stored in plain view under a strap on the head for sale or later use. As there is no substance control in this region, they can be shown in plain sight.

Addition accessories include a wrist mounted multimedia device, which feeds headphone cables to the auditory receptors at the tip of the upper two eyestalks; the device was likely traded illegally, or purchased from a wholesale shipment moving from the deep water docks on its way inland.

The Birrin are part of an ongoing project, see my gallery for more.


Skjalg said...

I am thoroughly loving these alien designs, especially the Birrin.

Steven Hanly said...

Alex, do you have a site where you list out the details of the Birrin Homeworld? You mention that it's an ongoing project; and it's possible to piece together quite a bit of info from the various descriptions of the images, but do you have a central repository of Birrin information?